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We specialize in distributing flyers through Newspaper Insertion. This advertising (Newspaper Insertion) method is one of the most effective direct marketing which exploits the full advantage of newspaper circulation that still enjoys extremely good circulation.

Together with our wide network of distribution and various types of newspaper for insertion, we can help you reach your target audience easily, effectively and efficiently.

Get immediate response

One of the quickest ways to make your phone ring, increase web site visits or drive additional foot traffic into your shop is to advertise using Free Standing Newspaper Insert. Newspaper Insertion can be quite cost effective and bring new customers to your door. It all depends on how you select your advertising and how willing you are to get the most out of your newspaper investment.

What is the greatest benefit?

The greatest benefit of using Newspaper Insertion services is its visibility. They easily surpass the exposure of a traditional print ad in the newspaper. Instead, with free standing inserts, when readers open a newspaper, the inserts fall onto their laps and catch their immediate attention. It is highly likely that they will read them. If they’re hungry for your product or services, they will read your message that instant.

With a Newspaper Insert, you have a cost-effective method of advertising. You still take advantage of the newspaper circulation, and you have a method of advertising that has been tested to generate additional sales and help your company develop a strong brand image with customers.

Newspaper Inserts are a cost effective method for to advertise. In fact, it is much more cost effective than some of the other highly coveted methods of advertising such as direct mail, radio or television commercials.

With Newspaper Inserts you can use an ad that is guaranteed to be delivered to the doorstep of thousands of potential clients. You have the ability to select exactly which homes receive the ad (based on postal codes or demographics) and you market you business in a way that yields great results. Newspaper Insertion tends to establish credibility to companies and the repeat exposure gives customers a sense of trust with brand identity.

In a nutshell, when it comes to generation of sales, newspaper insertion offers a lot of advantages over other forms of advertising. For example:

  1. It is very cost-effective—up to 3x cheaper than direct mail (10 cents per home vs. 30 cents per home)
  2. It evokes immediate response—newspaper inserts generate instant responses
  3. Results—they generate quick sales result with more cost saving
  4. Quality—they are extremely eye-catching with their chic graphics
  5. Appeal—they appeal to thousands of potential clients at the same time (good reach)
  6. Credibility—they help to establish familiarity and hence a strong brand image
  7. Target specificity—the delivery can be effected according to readership demographics,
    i.e. via Chinese, Malay, English and Tamil dailies. Alternatively, specific locations such as the east coast or the northern territories may be singled out for specific targeting.

How we work?

A Newspaper Insert is basically a paper flyer that is inserted into a newspaper. These inserts are often referred to as preprints. The advantage of an insert is that it offers more flexibility over a typical ad. For instance, with an insert, you can:

  1. Use high quality paper and attractive graphics to create a special insert
  2. Add a "call to action" to your flier to capture the attention of the consumer
  3. Insert contact information or special information about sales, promotions or special events
  4. Produce an ad that stands apart from your competition.

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